Things To Know While Purchasing Pedestal Sinks

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Installing pedestal sinks can really make a bathroom feel much larger by freeing up lots of space usually occupied by the vanity cabinet. These sinks can be quite cost-effective also when remodeling your bathroom. But prior to you rip out the old vanity for installing a pedestal sink, here are a few things you should consider.
Shopping out for a pedestal sink. Do careful comparison shopping. Will you pick one with single faucet hole, widespread or 4 inch-center faucet? Are you looking for something economical, top of line or mid-grade? With many manufacturers of the pedestal sinks, you might spend noteworthy time finding something which is good for you out there.
Will plumbing be hidden or visible? Pedestal sinks that are installed with visible plumbing can look fine, but it is also probable for installation to hide the plumbing completely. Do a little research and have a look at the examples of both kinds of installations prior to deciding what you wish to do. Hiding plumbing will most probably need moving the drain and water lines. If you’re remodeling, it is quite easy to move drain and water lines to the ideal location. However, if you wish to avoid the added work, keep location of the current Plumber Renton in your mind when you choose on which pedestal to buy. The larger pedestal may compensate and hide lots of plumbing, so remember that as well.
What bracing is needed? After narrowing your choices down, check manufacturer’s bracing needs. Bracing in wall is required often, so the wall might need to be opened. Remember that you also may need to anchor base to floor.
Height of drain lines. Check the specifications on pedestal you are thinking of, and ensure that the present drain height is correct. Also, see to ensure that location is centered just where you wish it, since you have a small amount of traps swing only when installing the pedestal sink. Drain lines are meant to fit behind the pedestal directly so that it’s barely visible. If location or height is not right, then you will need to move the drains in the walls, and then finish wall before installing a pedestal sink.
What about water lines? Water lines, as well as valves, must be tucked tightly behind base of the pedestal, in case it is possible. The lesser you see of drain and water line, the better your pedestal will look. Like with the trap, shut-off valves and water lines should match the trim of bathroom, since they will be completely visible from a few angles. Lots of pedestal sinks with no special trim can appear just fine, however, do a little research to ensure that the pedestal installation seems the way you wish it to be.
Will you require special fittings? A part of a drain will be fully visible from some angles, and it’s nice if the finish of trap matches the bathroom and faucet trim. If you have a chrome faucet, you may wish for a nice chrome drains trap and flange, instead of the black drain lines that are seen under sinks sometimes. Some drain finishes would be more costlier and more difficult to find out than others, so think of this and do research during the planning process. You will then know what rates to expect, where can you get the needed parts and how much time it will take prior to you start the construction.
What about floor and walls? Floor and wall may not be completely done behind your old vanity. In case you are wishing to just remove vanity and install a pedestal sink, then you should see if wall is painted plus the floor is completed so the pedestal sink can be mounted easily with minimal work.


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