Quick Heating Unit Fixes Anybody Can Do Before Contacting a Professional

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With cold weather in swing, you count on your heating more than ever before. So if your heating unit shuts down suddenly or stops blowing hot air, you are in a very chilly situation. But, fixing the issue can be simpler than you believe.
The fixes below can solve most of the furnace issues without you having to pay out for a professional technician to come.

Change the heating unit air filter if dirty

If the heating unit’s filter gets very dirty, it’ll block return flow of air to the unit. It is like placing a blanket on head and then asking you to normally breathe.
A dirty filter can causes the following problems:

  • Decreases volume of warm air blown out – The blocked return air refers to the fact that the heating unit has lesser to blow out the supply vent, leaving you very chilly.
  • Heating unit completely shuts down – As your heating unit has to work longer to heat the home, its heat exchanger overheats, making the furnace to shut down automatically.

A dirty filter also will cause soot to accumulate in heat exchanger, causing the furnace to run inadequately and decrease its lifetime. Check air filter in 1-3 months and also change if it is dirty.

Check the thermostat

There might be nothing at all wrong with the heating unit at all. The thermostat, which is the controlling centre of heating system, might be the reason.
If your heating unit is not coming on or not blowing warm air, then try these troubleshooting tips with the thermostat before calling a professional repairman:

  • Set thermostat to “heat” rather than “cool.”
  • Set the thermostat to 5 degree above room temperature in order to see if the furnace turns on.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Open the thermostat panel and blow out any debris or dust gently.

Ensure that blower motor’s panel is shut

In case someone opened blower motor’s panel to perform a repair, they might not have shut that panel correctly. If it isn’t pressed in properly, a safety device can prevent the heating unit from running. So ensure that you shut heating unit’s blower panel securely.

Inspect the air ducts

Let us say your heating unit seems to be operating fine. Blower is working, warm air is coming …in most of the rooms. You have got some cold places in your house. Why? The reply lies in the air ducts.
Firstly, check for handles that are protruding from the air ducts. They are dampers which control the airflow. Ensure that they’re open fully (i.e., handle is parallel to the ductwork).
If a few of the rooms are cold still, your ducts might have gaps, holes or cracks in them enabling the warm air to escape. It’s what is known as leaking ducts. Such leaks not just make the room cool, but it can

  • Run up your energy bill
  • Suck up dust in the ducts, contributing to bad air quality inside your house

Find where the leakages are in the air ducts and seal all of them using a mastic sealant.

Ensure gas valve is fully open

Like with blower panel, somebody may have shut your gas valve to perform a repair and then forgot to turn that back on. In case it is off, then no gas can enter your heating unit, so nothing at all will burn. Turn the gas valve back on (handle must be parallel to gas pipe) ,and then you are really good to go.

Whenever in doubt, call the professionals

Obviously, such fixes will not solve all of your heating issues. So, in case none of them do the job for you, it’s always best to contact Heating Renton for assistance.


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