Dos and Don’ts of Electrical Safety!

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Prevention is better than cure.

When it comes to safety, we all need it and want it. We want job safety, house safety, and various other safeties as well. But what about electrical safety? Don’t we need it? Don’t we want it? Electrical safety is often neglected. It is not considered about or even thought about. But just like job security, electrical safety is important enough. There are many things you can do to preserve electricity, save energy, and to ensure the safety of your electrical appliances because if we do not have awareness for electrical safety, accidents can occur.

  • Make sure to cover each of your switches and plug outlets with cover plates. Replace damaged cover plates with new ones
  • Use plastic cover plates to ensure the safety of children and pets as well. Keep cable cords out of their reach
  • Ensure that the wiring is new or maintained. Also, make sure that the appliances are not too old. Faulty wiring can lead to a short circuit. Also, of a live, open wire touches the appliance’s body, it would be similar to touching a bare live wire
  • Make use of extension cords temporarily. Extension cords can create sparks and generate short circuits, so it is better to use them on a temporary basis
  • Use quality wiring to ensure proper safety and durability. Bad quality wiring will lead to major electrical problems. Although quality wiring might be costly, it is totally worth it. It is better to prevent than to find a remedy later
  • Keep away any water or liquid from the electrical wiring and appliances at all costs. Impure water is a strong conductor of electricity
  • Invest in GFCI outlets and waterproof covers for the outside wiring and outlets. It ensures that rain doesn’t get to the wiring, because as mentioned, impure water is a strong conductor of electricity, and fire
  • Wear rubber or plastic shoes or sandals while working on electricity as rubber and plastic are really good insulators
  • Teach children the hazards of electricity, and teach them to stay way in cases like short circuits. Create awareness among children
  • Call a professional Electrician Renton when in dire need.


  • When removing a cord from the plug outlet, you must not yank it, or pull at it. This can lead to damage in both the cord and plug outlet, and if the switch is on, can create sparks, or flames
  • Drill nails to a cable in order to attach it to the wall. It will create problems with the insulation
  • Use electric cables which are broken or are about to break. Even if they are slightly broken and the bare wires are not visible, refrain from using them. They can still cause problems like minor electric shocks
  • Try to fix or repair any electrical appliance or device while it is still plugged in. It can be very fatal, leading to electric shock
  • Allow kids to fly kites or climb trees where there is a power line nearby. If any of the cables in power lines come out to be broken and a child falls over it or has an indirect contact with it, it can be very fatal
  • Paint on meters or transformers or hide them behind bushes. It can misguide utility workers into thinking that there is nothing there when they need to work on them
  • Put up signs and boards on utility poles. Nails, boards, tacks, etc can be dangerous to workers who need to climb those poles


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